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    We reply to emails within about an hour during our day shift (8:30 am - 5:30 pm).
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(If your are only wanting to inquire about Galapagos cruises,
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Please check the types of room or rooms you are interested in making a reservation for.
All Prices below include the IVA 12% tax
*Take note there are NO televisions in the rooms; only in the public TV lounge.

The prices below are standard prices.
Currently we have promotional prices on all our rooms. Please inquire about the current promotion prices
when you make a room request.

Double room, A/C, 1 matrimonial bed, bathroom
    ($24.00 for one person, $35.00 for two people)

Double room, 1 matrimonial bed, bathroom
    ($21.00 for one person, $29.00 for two people)

Double room, 1 matrimonial bed, Shared bathroom
    ($19.00 for one person, $27.00 for two people)

Double room, 2 single beds, Shared bathroom
    ($19.00 for one person, $27.00 for two people)

Triple room, A/C, 3 single (bunk) beds, bathroom
    ($35.00 for two people, $43.50 for 3 people)

Quadruple room, 4 single (bunk) beds, Shared    bathroom ($34.00 for three, $44.00 for four people)

Dormitory: Women (bunk beds)
   ($12 per person, 1 bed per person)

Dormitory: Men (bunk beds)
   ($12 per person, 1 bed per person bed)

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* If you require a room on the first floor or one that has wheelchair access let us know when making a reservation request.

If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, please contact us directly at:

Visit our Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questionspage for answers to your questions about Dreamkapture and Guayaquil.

Dreamkapture can arrange a private Taxi pick up for $10 from the airport or bus terminal. You can read more about private pick ups here: Taxi Pick Up

Directions in Spanish for your taxi driver: Dreamkapture está localizado en la Alborada 12 etapa, Juan Sixto Bernal, Mz 2 Villa 21. Viniendo desde al aeropuerto por la Av. Benjamín Carrión, pasando la Av. Rodolfo Baquerizo Nazur (pase las AlboBodegas), vire a la derecha una cuadra antes de la Av. Francisco de Orellana; o, viniendo desde el Centro Comercial La Rotonda, la calle Juan Sixto Bernal está a continuación de la Avenida Francisco de Orellana, pase por debajo del paso a desnivel, gire a la izquierda en la primera circunvalación (giro en U) pasando el famoso “Café de Tere” de la Alborada,
luego a la primera cuadra a la derecha, continuar unos 50 metros aproximadamente. Estamos ubicados en la misma calle de las “Hamburguesas El Colorado”.

 Dreamkapture Hostel is located close to the intersection of:

Francisco de Orellana  and  Benjamin Carrion click here to see a map.

Simple Map to Dreamkapture


    Dreamkapture is located at:

    Alborada Doceava Etapa
    Juan Sixto Bernal, Manzana 02, Villa 21
    Tel: 593-4-224-2909

    Dreamkapture only accepts reservation request online.


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